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Project Overview

Project Overview

The EU has adopted policies and medium-term strategies that aim at a reduction of anthropogenic emissions of CO2, in particular by acting on energy policies. Considering that emissions come largely from cities and in particular the life habits of European citizens, it has been deemed necessary to take the bottom-up approach, represented mainly by the instrument of the Covenant of Mayors.

This project will work in this area, strengthening the involvement of European citizens in the fight against climate change by comparing different local experiences and developing methods to enhance individual and collective practices.

Specific objectives of the project are:

-Integration of the involved communities in the issues of emissions, energy policies and strategies for adaptation to climate change
-exchange and comparison of experience of citizens' and local governments’ good practices, identifying ways to enhance them
-identifying methods of communication between administrators and citizens to improve the ability of quantification and monitoring of consumption/emissions and to improve the effectiveness of the action of the SEAP
-dissemination of the principles and objectives of the Covenant and of the European energy policies.

The project is divided into four thematic events aimed at disseminating information relating to community policies, discussing the main difficulties encountered in the territories, sharing ideas and experiences and providing materials for citizens and local governments.

The events:
1. Census and monitoring of real energy consumption and the behaviour of citizens.
2. The possibilities of action with the interaction between the public and private sector in transport and housing.
3. The possibilities of action with the interaction between public and private in manufacturing companies: innovation, sharing, and energy efficiency.
4. The enhancement of the role of citizens: good daily energy practices, their inclusion in the SEAP and valorisation of results